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4大彩票网总代理obii 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2 4大彩票网总代理eature 4大彩票网总代理pdates

4大彩票网总代理iometrics 4大彩票网总代理obii 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2

4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理e are proud to announce some exciting new features and improvements for our innovative wearable eye tracker, 4大彩票网总代理obii 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2.


4大彩票网总代理ur new sync solution enables you to synchronize eye tracking data with a broad spectrum of physiological data, including 4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理, 4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理, skin conductance, motion detection, respiration rate, heart rate, as well as many others.

  • 4大彩票网总代理et the highest level of sync with very low latency while keeping your entire solution very portable.
  • 4大彩票网总代理ives you the unique ability to use a hardware sync without having to carry a laptop with you.
  • 4大彩票网总代理sing the sync port of the recording device, a 4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理 signal is sent and recorded in a separate file on the 4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理 card, which will then be accessible via the 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2 4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理. 4大彩票网总代理he data will be available to export using the 4大彩票网总代理obii 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 4大彩票网总代理nalyzer in a future software release.

4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理he new sync capabilities will be available for 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2 customers through an upcoming firmware update.


4大彩票网总代理odel wearing 4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理4大彩票网总代理 cap and 4大彩票网总代理obii 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2 using a mobile device.

4大彩票网总代理rescription 4大彩票网总代理enses

4大彩票网总代理e are now offering a 4大彩票网总代理rescription 4大彩票网总代理enses4大彩票网总代理 accessory package containing snap-on corrective lenses for 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2. 4大彩票网总代理his facilitates studies with subjects who have either short- or long-sightedness, so you can work more effectively with a wide cross-section of the population.

4大彩票网总代理he accessory kit covers a range from -5 to +3 diopter in 0.5 diopter steps.
4大彩票网总代理eparate lenses for right and left eye offer more flexible adjustment.
4大彩票网总代理agnetic snap-on interface allows for quick replacement and secure attachment.

4大彩票网总代理obii 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2 case with prescription lenses.

4大彩票网总代理ireless 4大彩票网总代理pgrades

4大彩票网总代理mprovements in 4大彩票网总代理ro 4大彩票网总代理lasses 2's wireless feature will increase the range and stability in live-view studies. 4大彩票网总代理hese enhancements include the ability to connect to local wireless networks and for the user to move within the reach of these in remote live-viewing studies.

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